Welcome to the Oak Harbor Soccer League!

Oak Harbor • Ohio 

 Spring 2017 registration forms are available at Oak Harbor Public Library, Middle School Office or click the link below to download a copy. REGISTRATION FORMS ARE DUE BY Feb 14, 2017.

Spring 2017 Registration is open until Feb 14th.  Please CLICK HERE for the registration forms.  





The Oak Harbor Soccer League is a member of the East Suburban Soccer League which is affiliated with the Soccer Association for Youth (S.A.Y) and was formed to provide an organization within which children could learn and play soccer, the world's most popular sport. The fact that any size player can be successful at the game and the modest expense required to field a team make it possible for any children to participate in organized competition. These factors, plus the enthusiasm of the children once they have played the game, have resulted in a rapid growth of the SAY Program.

It is the function of SAY to provide guidance and instruction for new participants and to provide an organizational structure to form leagues and schedule games. SAY also prescribes rules and regulation which ensure safe, enjoyable and fair competition. A youth program should be, as its name implies, a program for kids.

To win at any cost many be the proper attitude for highly skilled professionals, but is contradictory to the basic objectives of the Soccer Association for Youth. Stacking teams, tryout camps, all-star powerhouses, etc. may produce a climate of excellence for a talented few, but will not in the long run be beneficial to the vast majority of young people involved.The overall objective of SAY is maximum participation with an even competition at the various age levels.